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Bring New Life to Your Home

Bring New Life to Your HomeBring New Life to Your Home

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10% Off Until 28th Feb!!

10% Off all RRP products until the 28th Feb!!. (This promotion only needs a deposit placed before 28th February to get your 10% Off) Conditions apply.

Free Cleaning Kit

At Elite Flooring & Interiors we believe it is a must to have a easy to use cleaning kit for all floors. Not only will it be easier to clean with our user friendly cleaning kits, it will also prolong the life of your floor. Conditions apply


Why buy your underlay when we will include it completely free with all orders. Conditions apply

Carpet Removal & Disposal

Needing your existing carpet to be removed and disposed of to make way for your beautiful new flooring? We will include this free for any job over 50m2, Saving you a bunch of money.!!! Conditions apply